Donna Hebert got her start in the hair business for 30 years, and for the past seven has been working as a professional, certified stager.

“I am passionate about staging a house to capture the essence of it and to showcase its most positive features,” Hebert says. “It helps a potential buyer envision themselves living a particular lifestyle.”

For her work featured in Corridor, Hebert says she works to use color to complement the room and draw attention of prospective buyers around the home.

“What I did was create a little corner to sit and read,” she says of one of the images featuring green walls and bright windows, which was on the cover of the magazine. “I used a chair that was very relaxing and brought in a natural feature with the tulips. I try to work with the space I have.”

In another staging situation, Hebert explains that she used lavender in a window to draw attention to the view of the outside.
Hebert tailors her staging based on who she thinks might be interested in the home. The balance she tries to strike is to work with materials that aren’t too taste-specific, but also connect with people on an emotional level, and give them the idea that, “I could live here.”

Based in Northampton, she does interior decorating and professional staging through her company DH Design Home Staging and Redesign, found online at