We are thrilled to debut CORRIDOR, all things home and lifestyle related, to the greater Pioneer Valley …and beyond. Our magazine is home delivered to paid customers in Hampshire and Franklin counties, soon to expand into Worcester County, as part of our quarterly subscription model to the Daily Hampshire Gazette and the Greenfield Recorder. These subscriptions are offered at significant savings to the reader, nearly 79% off the $6.95 cover price. CORRIDOR retails at select locations throughout the market including Springfield, Holyoke, the Berkshires, Vermont and Northeastern Connecticut. Mail subscriptions start at $9.95 per issue, and customers may grab a free copy from select advertising partners in the market.

A marketable difference for our magazine: CORRIDOR benefits from the strength of our digital assets, namely reach and return. We expect to conservatively deliver 300,000 digital impressions to households with myriad interests in home–related content over the course of 90 days, per publication. These digital extensions offer direct links to CORRIDOR’s landing page – a teaser to our robust print publication – and the ability to download a digital flip-book. Using our social media capital, we are confident that the CORRIDOR brand, content, photography and tidbits will continue to engage readers in ways they prefer to consume lifestyle news.

CORRIDOR’s debut is a direct result of a much larger, significant, collaborative effort. This includes professional resources from our journalists and editors, the endless creative strengths of our in-house design agency, recommendations from our experienced account executives, the voices of our community advertisers and the interests of our print and digital readers. Quite exciting. Quite endless.

The name, CORRIDOR, organically emerged to represent the diverse geographic areas serviced by our own Interstate 91; from Connecticut through Vermont, passing through the Pioneer Valley and connecting our communities. Aside from the name, we quickly came to realize that the strength of our storytelling easily lends itself well to the many future issues planned for CORRIDOR. Readers may expect content related to kitchens, baths, landscapes and architecture in many editions. Women in Business, Let’s Get Technical, Swatches and advice from home experts (our debut edition features home-staging guidance) – all of which impact the pages of CORRIDOR with their own intent and messages.

As we finalized our debut edition, we found ourselves increasing the page count, multiple times. With each modification, many talented leaders huddled and determined the best next steps. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Finally, nearly four weeks after space deadline, we hear the echoes from our floor, “last call for CORRIDOR…she’s closed.” It’s quiet. What makes this close any different from the hundreds of supplements we produced over time? You do. A new subscription model. A new method of delivery. A new interest from advertisers. A new expectation from readers. A new success to celebrate. I want to take this opportunity to say Thank you. Thank you to my internal teams. Thank you to our advertising clients. Thank you to our readers.
As all of these experiences unfolded at 115 Conz Street in Northampton, I witnessed floods of smiling faces, serious faces thinking through next steps and heard groups of laughter; all rooted in the genuine excitement of producing a collaborative product for our market. What a wonderful experience, in and of itself. What a fabulous team. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. I formally introduce the first edition of CORRIDOR. Enjoy.