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Month: March 2018

From the Publisher

We are thrilled to debut CORRIDOR, all things home and lifestyle related, to the greater Pioneer Valley …and beyond. Our magazine is home delivered to paid customers in Hampshire and Franklin counties, soon to expand into Worcester County, as part of our quarterly subscription model to the Daily Hampshire Gazette and the Greenfield Recorder. These subscriptions are offered at significant savings to the reader, nearly 79% off the $6.95 cover price. CORRIDOR retails at select locations throughout the market including Springfield, Holyoke, the Berkshires, Vermont and Northeastern Connecticut. Mail subscriptions start at $9.95 per issue, and customers may grab a free copy from select advertising partners in the market. A marketable difference for our magazine: CORRIDOR benefits from the strength of our digital assets, namely reach and return. We expect to conservatively deliver 300,000 digital impressions to households with myriad interests in home–related content over the course of 90 days, per publication. These digital extensions offer direct links to CORRIDOR’s landing page – a teaser to our robust print publication – and the ability to download a digital flip-book. Using our social media capital, we are confident that the CORRIDOR brand, content, photography and tidbits will continue to engage readers in ways they prefer to consume lifestyle news. CORRIDOR’s debut is a direct result of a much larger, significant, collaborative effort. This includes professional resources from our journalists and...

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You Talkin’ to Me? – How to make your household even smarter — a user’s guide to A.I. in the home

We live in an age of science fiction come to life. OK, we still don’t have flying cars, but we can have a home that intelligently reacts to our needs. Smart homes are more accessible than ever, and best of all, the artificial intelligences managing them are getting more sophisticated every day. Think: More J.A.R.V.I.S. (the A.I. system that controls Tony Stark’s mansion in the Iron Man movies), and less HAL 9000 from “2001: A Space Odyssey.” But before your house can notice you waking up and change lights, heat and music accordingly, you have to build a smart home. It can...

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Do Try This at Home: How to create a practically perfect yoga or meditation room

For many people, yoga is as much a meditative practice as it is a way to achieve physical wellness. Staying focused during yoga is difficult even in the best of conditions, but distractions often multiply for people trying to practice yoga at home. Pets might be running around, bills might be in sight and responsibilities are probably a lot harder to ignore than at a yoga studio. That said, practicing yoga at home is a wonderful way to have access to the benefits of yoga everyday, so Pioneer Valley yoga instructors and meditators have some advice for people who...

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Elizabeth Roberts, entrepreneur  

Maybe it is possible to do it all. At least that’s what entrepreneur Elizabeth Roberts thinks. She’s a mom of three young children and the owner of several Pure Barre exercise studios throughout Massachusetts. She got her Northampton studio up and running two years ago, and at the end of January she managed to open her fifth location in Northborough.  She’s used to finding balance at the barre and beyond — she juggles her time between her home office and the studios, communicating with staff, and sometimes even teaching classes herself. It’s a busy lifestyle, but it gives her the flexibility...

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Karen Jackson, lawyer

As a kid, watching law shows on television, Karen Jackson would get sweaty palms when the lawyer entered the courtroom. That’s how she knew: “I was called to be a lawyer,” she says. In the 1970s, she answered the call and studied at Loyola Law School in California, when only one third of her graduating class was women. After graduating, she spent years working as a trial attorney for other people, covering every case imaginable, from murders to parking tickets. Over the years, she noticed that there was a tremendous amount of needless suffering in the aging population around planning...

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